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Unique Autism Film Premiers at Motherbaby Film Festival

There is a new and different documentary about autism called “Finding the Words” which debuted at the Motherbaby Film Festival in Traverse City Michigan on October 16. The film is unique in that it chronicles children’s recovery from autism and shows that this is possible.

Finding the Words: Recovering From Autism is a groundbreaking 60 minutes of information and hope. According to the film’s creators and the creators of the Motherbaby Film Festival, this is an important movie for new parents to view because it explores a new way of thinking about autism. The film creates a new paradigm when it comes to autism.

Producer/Director Chris Horn says “Our film investigates a medical mystery through the eyes of the families and through the eyes of their inspired doctors who are working hard to rewrite the future for autistic children. It is a story for anyone open to the simple message: don’t give up on your kids!”

There are more and more ideas on diagnosis and treatment of autism today. Most of them focus on the fact that the younger the child is when the diagnosis is made and the child starts treatment, the higher the success rate at diminishing or eliminating the disorder.

“Finding The Words” takes you on a journey from tragedy to triumph” says Chris Horn, and “looks at autism with a new and optimistic view.” The film provides practical solutions to children with autism progress and get better, and it gives other families struggling with the issues and symptoms of autism a chance to see what the families in the film have done and try some of these ideas as well.

The film is about hope and about addressing and sharing specific disorders, interventions and solutions to help families get onto a path of improvement and hope. There will also be screenings in Europe later this month.

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