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Sign Language for Autism

As we move further in our understanding of the importance of communication in our society we comprehend more and more the power of sign language. Allowing those without the ability to speak according to social norms and those without the ability to speak yet the ability to communicate has opened a whole new world to our eyes. Now, we are beginning to understand how sign language can be beneficial to individuals with autism, something that anyone with a loved one with autism will want to investigate for themselves.

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Floor Time Therapy

As we continue to grow in our understanding of autism and the related obstacles, we are greeted by different approaches to treating the disorder. Some may believe in reinforcing good behavior while others will go with more of a process of trying to teach the individual how to adapt to the world around them. With the floor time therapy the approach is more of a manner of attempting to teach the individual with autism how to connect with others in a form of rhythm and connectedness.

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Autism Chelation Treatment

The medical world is not without debate when it comes to two main areas of dealing with diseases or disorders, diagnosing and treating them. Diagnosing takes more patience than many are willing to give while treating brings together a slew of arguments related to ethics and morals that many aren’t willing to budge on. Autism is at the forefront of both of these arguments because of our limited history in understanding the disorder overall. There are several supported treatments for autism, one hotly debated treatment being that of Chelation treatment.

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Not a single therapeutic technique can make it through in any therapy field without having its own list of pros and cons. Every process and approach has certain benefits that make its use purposeful to the cause while also presenting a list of potential pitfalls for all involved. Those with autism are much the same, if not more so than others, as no perfect diagnosis or treatment has been proven in the medical community. One such treatment is Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, which is discussed below.

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