Floor Time Therapy

As we continue to grow in our understanding of autism and the related obstacles, we are greeted by different approaches to treating the disorder.  Some may believe in reinforcing good behavior while others will go with more of a process of trying to teach the individual how to adapt to the world around them.  With the floor time therapy the approach is more of a manner of attempting to teach the individual with autism how to connect with others in a form of rhythm and connectedness.

The theory, developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, is to allow the trainer the opportunity to observe the child, encourage their progress, and follow the child’s lead in whatever the playfulness requires.  This is a particularly intriguing approach to parents who wish to take an active role in helping their child with autism overcome obstacles of various degrees.  The goal is to build a relationship with the child with autism in a manner where play and creativity is encouraged, while not forcing the child to do anything they might feel uncomfortable with.

With up to 10 different sessions of around 20 minutes each per day, Dr. Greenspan believes that parents will see results in the form of empathy and connectedness.  After these sessions have ended it is important to note what it is that interests the child with autism as this information will help infinitely in understand what motivates the child.  Finding the way to a common interest can be a huge obstacle in the journey of an autistic child.

While no process for treating a child with autism is perfect, this treatment offers the fringe benefits of connecting with your child on another level which can be just as beneficial.

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