What Are Important Ways to Treat Autism?

This is an essential and often asked question.  Of course, medical treatment is important, as well as mental health treatment, education and various other types of treatment depending on the individual. 

One of the most important areas of treatment for individuals with autism is the area of social interaction.  This is a difficult issue because if a person struggles with autism, it can be extremely difficult for them to interact socially with others, partially because they become overwhelmed due to over-stimulation.  With practice and gradual increase of interaction, many individuals with autism improve their sociability a great deal.

Some essential information regarding initiating and increasing communication and social interactions include helping the family and the community understand what to do and how to do it.  People need to know what the family is going through and how the community and the family can work together.

Determine what the individual – whether a child or adult – with autism is able to do.  Abilities are very important, especially so that the person is not pushed beyond what they can do and does not be overwhelmed.  On the other hand, if the person or child wants to try an activity, as long as it is not unsafe, they should be encouraged to do so.  If they can’t succeed at the activity at this time, at least they have tried and can try again at another time.  If they do succeed at the activity, it will help them grow and become more confident, possibly diminishing the amount of times they are overwhelmed.

If the child is going to be in a place or situation where a large group is expected, arrive early and allow the child to explore and become acclimated and comfortable before the group arrives. 

When giving directions or instructions, try to say them with positive words.  For instance, if you want to tell the individual not to go outside (negative version), instead, tell them to stay inside.  This is more direct and less confusing.  Speak clearly and do so as you would speak to any other person, not talking down to them.

There are many things that can be done to help a person with autism expand their world.  Remembering that a big part of autism is that the individual process information differently is something that will help in communicating with them.  There have been huge strides made in dealing with autism, especially during the past decade or two.  Some of the ideas we have discussed here can assist you in making positive strides with an individual dealing with autism who happens to be in your life.

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